Guitar Player Wanted: Vocals a Plus
The no bullshit, nuts and bolts approach to singing.

Available for purchase here, and soon to be streamed, downloaded
and otherwise experienced

"My personal quest has taken me through
four different CD-based courses, with mixed results, but now I have finally found one that is head and shoulders above the rest:
Guitar Player Wanted - Vocals a Plus
with Karan Andrea."

- Dr. Dave Walker
Dave Walker writes for Just Jazz Guitar magazine, and hosts his own blog where he discusses all things musical.

"There have been a few occasions when I
did not get a gig because I didn't sing.
It would have been really great to have had a video like this back then - it does make a difference."

- Steve Hunter 2012
Steve Hunter, guitar player/songwriter, has worked with: Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper and Tracy Chapman

"I was working with Michael Wagener, doing
background vocals for a Dokken CD.
I had to do the high harmonies, and I remembered what you told me about relaxing and letting the mic do the work for me.
I hit all the harmonies with no straining and no pitch problems."

- Clay Vann

Continued use of this DVD may turn you into a singer. Please feel free to operate heavy music while under the influence of this product.

"Just wanted to tell you how much the DVD has helped out.
I've been working really hard at it, and I am singing ... with a lot more control.
I feel much better about singing now. The zipper thing was great. That helped the most I think."

- Satisfied Student
Karan Andrea is "...arguably the smartest woman musician in all of upstate New York."
- Elliott Randall

guitarist (Steely Dan, and many others), producer, and composer.
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